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Providing Pet Waste To Energy Solutions


We started this company as an idea, one that would relieve ourselves of having to clean the waste of our three large breed dogs. Now it’s grown into a bigger collective of like-minded people or eco-warriors, together we are trying to not only save you from having to do the number one in worst chores around the home (the dreaded pet waste clearance). We also make it easy, affordable and fun for the whole family to collect and deposit the waste in our easy-to-use and smell-proof bins.


You can have our pet poo cleaning service on a subscription basis, saving you money when you need it regularly. You can have this twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly and monthly at different rates – get in contact to find out the best plan for your home or business.

The Pet Poo People


We aim to make it easy as possible for you and your family to lower your carbon footprint by recycling your waste. Without leaving your homes using our home and garden cleaning products that aim to have the minimal amount of environmental impact possible. 
Simple daily changes can make a difference today and by pitching together we can save thousands of litres of waste from going to landfill or worse.

Heading to “waste to energy plants” claiming the green power put into schools and hospitals but in reality burn a huge amount of plastic alongside the waste including plastic bins that hold Dog waste. This process isn’t helping us lower our carbon footprint which is really our main goal during our stay here on earth.


Together we can help make a change across the UK with our Seeds section in our store.  Our green Projects can help make a dent in local and national environmental problems like our lack of bees, insects and birds. This is information that will be readily available on our website over the coming months as we intend to help educate a new generation of People. It is aimed at living more in tune with nature and the problems over the coming years, this is the only way we can come together and tackle the climate problem we all suffer.

Pet Waste Removal