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Here at The Pet Poo People, we refuse to turn a blind eye to thousands of tons of waste going into landfills or burnt for profit. We fully recycle all of the waste and make sure that your garden has been responsibly taken care of.

Alongside our huge range of Eco-friendly home and garden cleaning products and our affordable compostable dog poop bags, make it that bit easier to stay in the green and sleep better knowing you’re doing your best.

Due to the vast increase in dog ownership seen during The Pandemic, we’ve decided to tackle the problem head-on one poop at a time; each of our 30 Litre bins saves a whopping 300 to 400 Litres of waste Per year going to landfill.

The Pet Poo People

Impact the Environment

We also sell Wildflower seeds to help bees and butterflies thrive in our local parks and woods; simply plant these while walking the dog or on new trails; more plants mean more insects, which will bring more birds.

We are looking into the supply of bee and bug homes or hotels to help the dwindling populations around our countryside pass down a world you’re proud to be a part of.

Once we are better equipped, we intend on helping forest projects and habitat builds all over the UK; the pandemic has created more people using nature as a way of finding peace. We believe that it’s crucial to protect these places and the wildlife that calls them home.

Our Mission

Our mission is to do things that positively impact our environment in the best way. We currently aim to do this by cleaning up pet waste from people’s gardens, leading to bigger things in the future.

Each of our staff has a deep understanding of the good we are able to do with this and cherish the opportunity this could provide our local countryside.

We want you all to be able to afford the chance to do some good in this world and we don’t have long to fix our climate and bring down our co2 levels. Head to our Project Zero page for more information.

Pet Waste Removal